October 30, 2008


You want REAL CHANGE in Washington DC?!
Forget about the Presidential race!

The President only signs bills that congress writes. The President has zero power to legislate (well at least not according to the US Constitution.) Truth is, your vote for the president will affect policy in the US much less than who you end up electing (or NOT electing) to Congress.

And what seat in congress could be more important than the Speaker of the House?!

Nancy Pelosi seen here scolding the American people
for wanting accountability in government.

Unfortunately, you don't elect the speaker of the house, they are elected by congress. The Speaker of the House has HUGE power withing the congress-- with the ability to give and take away chairmanships and other positions of power, the Speaker of the House has many tools in their grasp to punish fellow party members that stray from the party line.

Currently, the Democrats hold the Congress, and the Democratic Party line seems to be:
*DON'T Impeach the President
*DON'T End the War in Iraq
*DON'T put an end to the war profiteering by companies like Haliburton
*DON'T protect the Constitution
*DON'T fight back against executive power grabs
*DON'T protect the privacy of the American people against warentless searches and seizure

SO, what is a progressive/constitutionally minded citizen to do?

You can't vote against Nancy Pelosi unless you live in California's 8th district.
But you can DONATE against Nancy Pelosi. But, it just so happens that there is an amazing candidate running against Nancy Pelosi.

Cindy Sheehan, seen here speaking Truth to Power

Cindy Sheehan is a Peace Activist, founder of Gold Star Families for Peace, defender of Liberty, and an all around testament to the Human Spirit. If you live outside the 8th district, and you support Cindy Sheehan's efforts to bring accountability to government, to end US Imperialism, and so much more, DONATE TODAY!

But you can't help her win on your own.

There are people out there that don't know that Cindy Sheehan is running against Nancy Pelsoi, or they know about it, but don't know how they can help out.

There are people all acrossed America who support Cindy Sheehan:

Get your copy of the poster here:

Thumbnail! Click the image to get an 8x11 photo. Print it off, and make copies!

If you have access to a video camera, get a friend to help you put up posters, film yourselves, and put the video up on YouTube!

Don't like the poster? Make your own! Get creative, but most importantly, GET THE WORD OUT!

Money is the only language that the Corporate MEDIA and the Corporate CANDIDATES speak.

AMERICA! let's pull together and use our money to send a message LOUD AND CLEAR to Speaker Pelosi and the Corporate Media:

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