June 2, 2012

"99 Airlines", or "Why MoveOn Sucks"

Because nothing says, "proletariat" like flying an airplane

MoveOn has a glaringly blind eye towards Obama.

Obama, whose plutocratic, power-grabbing, constitution violating presidency (new boss, same as the old boss), is a large part of why we're protesting to start with. While I'm confident that this movement isn't going to get sidelined with presidential politicking for wall street's puppets, and this just goes to show that MoveOn is potentially a worse enemy than FoxNews.

At least with FoxNews, we KNOW they're against us. MoveOn is the worst kind of enemy, the kind who smiles and compliments you while they smother you in your sleep.

Sure, Mitt Romney and his allies have millions of dollars. But Obama has the same allies on Wall Street. And they're also giving Obama millions of dollars. And is wasting money on airplane banners really "making sure our dollars go far?" Just... WTF MoveOn?

Dear MoveOn.org. Please try this: Instead of trying to make this into an anti-Romney, or anti-Republican thing (which Occupy has never been), why not make this an "anti-money" thing? Pressure Obama to run as a clean elections candidate? Pressure congress to create a Clean Elections system modeled after the one in Maine? Why not take a firm stance against corporate contributions and the use of SuperPACs by ANY candidate? Until then, you're just hacks for the Democratic party, who turn a blind eye to the DNC doing the same things you are berating the GOP for doing.
via an email from MoveOn.org:
99airlines is off the ground, and we need ideas for airplane banners to fly over high-profile Mitt Romney events. Rate, submit, and share an idea today.

Submit Your IdeaDear MoveOn member,
We just launched 99airlines, our program to fly airplane banners over high-profile Mitt Romney events with messages from the 99%.
And what's the coolest part? You get to decide what the banners say! If you could fly a message over Mitt Romney's head, what would it be?
Will you suggest a short, pithy, memorable phrase for a 99airlines banner? Or check out and rate other people's ideas?
Click here to submit or vote for a 99airlines banner.
Imagine if Mitt Romney and his Super PAC friends had to deal with the sights and sounds of airplanes following them everywhere, reminding Americans how Romney stands for corporations and the 1%. Reporters at the events will film and write about the banners—it'll drive Romney and his corporate backers crazy.
That's why we're taking it to Romney, exposing him as Mr. 1%. Here's the banner we flew over a Romney fundraiser in Boston last week.

We're ready to fly a whole lot more over his high-profile appearances this summer, including fundraisers and a major event with Latino political leaders.
We need you to submit your ideas today. And the highest-rated, most shared, and most timely messages from the 99% will get flown over Romney's head. So get your ideas online today!
Click here to submit or vote for a 99airlines banner.
MoveOn members stepped up and funded 99airlines as a way to combat the Super PAC ads and corporate money that will flood into this year's election. We're transforming Mitt Romney's 1% fundraising tour into an airborne progressive message machine that will be seen by the people at the events and the media covering them.
They've got millions of dollars, but we've got more people and more creativity than they can muster. If you submit your ideas—-and make sure as many people as possible rate and contribute ideas—99airlines can define Mitt Romney and the people he represents in a visible, memorable way.
Click here to submit or vote for a 99airlines banner.
Thanks for all you do.
–Garlin, Elena, Emily, Victoria, and the rest of the team
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