December 11, 2011

My submission to

I have well over $22,000 dollars in student debt.

I have to pay $200 dollars a month just to keep it from going up any higher.

I am currently unemployed in a market with almost no employment opportunity. I am self-employed as a musician, which is sort of the same thing as being unemployed.

I've completely given up on life, or the idea that I'm going to have any sort of normal life worth living.

I've tried working full time to pay back my student loans, but the wages are just too low, the cost of living is too high, and I can't keep up with payments, and my debt just keeps ballooning thanks to compounding interest.

In fact, I just received a letter from my last employer, LL Bean, telling me about the great program they have connecting their employees with welfare services. That's right. They brag in this letter about connecting over 9,000 full time employees with welfare services. They know full well that they do not pay wages that are high enough for people to live on, such that over 9,000 of their full time employees are on WELFARE.

You know things are fucked up in this country when employers take putting their employees on state assistance for granted.

I just can't see how there is any way to escape, aside from just not paying my loans, and living a slightly less shitty life.

I would actually gladly default on my loan, because I have no money, no income, and cannot get loans as it is. Really how much worse could it be?

I have also considered committing suicide in the offices of those who hold my student debt as protest.

But there's problems with both of these:

The first problem is that I owe money to three separate institutions, and can only kill myself once.

The second problem is that my parents are cosigners on most of my loans, and even if I'm dead, they still will continue to owe a mountain of debt that I cannot pay.

I can't even escape my student debt through death.

How fucked up is that?