November 5, 2011

Agent Provocateur from Air & Space museum Identified

Get to know his face.

He is an agent provocateur. His name is Mike Stack.


Patrick Howley confessed in a piece in The American Spectator where he is an Assistant Editor. Michael Stack was identified from OpEdNews photos and video on YouTube. Stack is the very large individual who charged the Museum guard starting off what turned into mayhem. The one big question for identifications this morning is whether James O'Keefe was also present wearing a disguise, in violation of his parole conditions in New Jersey.

Howley and Stack have been involved for years with right wing organizations including Leadership Institute people, plus having ties to the Koch brothers. Their actions at Air&Space resulted in dozens of peaceful demonstrators getting hit with pepper spray -- resulting in eye pain, nausea, and headaches. Media coverage of the event was turned to imply that these people had acted unlawfully.

Was this Howley-Stack-Unknown start-a-riot scheme replicated in New York and Boston? Did peaceful demonstrators find themselves hit with police batons (a.k.a. night sticks) and pepper spray as a direct result of right wing conspiracies?