October 26, 2011

[video] Oakland Police raid #OccupyOakland

Look at these Black Block Anarchists fucking up the #OccupyOakland camp. Throwing trash cans into the street, firing grenades, and acting like they're so badass.

Oh wait. That's the Oakland Police department.

When at least 12 people were maced at the Smithsonian Air & Space museum in DC on Oct 8th, the Smithsonian said only one person was maced. Which was bullshit. I was there. I filmed it. I coughed the rest of the day from the lingering cloud of mace I was exposed to. But the story that only one person was maced was reported by corporate owned media.

The Oakland Police say that the explosions you see here weren't flashbang grenades, a military tool for dispersal and disorientation, we saw employed in Minneapolis during the RNC convention. And it looks like it's being used in Oakland.

But the Police are blaming this on the protesters, saying that they were firing off fireworks. Riiiiiight. I don't buy that for a fucking second.