October 7, 2011

Stop The Machine! Day 2

I have a little bit of down time, logging and capturing footage. It takes a while, so I guess I'll write a blog entry.

One question that is coming up over and over again is this: How far are we willing to go?

It's almost entirely without question that we all agree that we will remain nonviolent, but in order to separate this occupation of Washington DC from every other rally-- how far are we willing to go?

Also, the Food and Water committee needs to get their shit together. Right now Food Not Bombs is serving food, but that can only last for so long. I went to their committee meeting for a little bit (filming, as a journalist) and they were talking about food sovereignty, High Fructose Corn Syrup, GMOS and Monsanto.

That's not the point of the food and water committee. THe point is to get fucking FOOD, and fucking WATER to the plaza so we don't die. There were only five of them.

I think as soon as Food Not Bombs runs out of food, people might pay a little more attention to this rather pressing issue.