March 14, 2011

Anonymous, Wikileaks, and the Bank of America email dump

So here's the story so far:

Anonymous has set up which is currently down. Likely scenarious are that either Bank of America is using a DNS attack against Anonymous (ironic, but not funny), or Anonymous are hosting the site on a macintosh LC2 with a dial-up modem (ironic, and funny).

Of course there's the third option that the emails are all faked, and that the website is down right now because they want it to look like Bank Of America is trying to shut them down, but that's a little too left-field for me at present.

Supposedly these emails reveal criminal activity that could send people at Bank Of America to jail, specifically in regards to mortgage practices.

We don't know if the emails are legit yet, or not. You also can't see them on But you can download graphics of the emails as .rar files here.

Which I've done.

And now I'm uploading them to my flickr account. I've kept the original file names when uploading them so that you can search the HTML source code on the Anonymous webpage and build a mirror site.

You can still find in Google's search cache, and try to piece together the context as best you can. And maybe somebody out there who doesn't have to leave for work soon can spend today using the titles of the photos hosted on my flickr, searching for them in the HTML code of the cached website, and building a mirror site? That would be rockin.

I gotta leave for work. If nobody's done it by tonight at midnight (when I get home) I'll work on it.

Minor Update:
Here's the YouTube video that's at the top of Anonymous's page:

Another Update is back up.