January 16, 2011

BANKO$ Cereal: Eat the Rich

Thank you to Christine Joy Torres for posting this over on my facebook page!

So after the shooting in Tucson, AZ, I became really anxious about the fact that I had made these shirts:

I really struggled with this internally for a while. The thought that this kid out in Tucson might own one of my stupid shirts scared the bejesus out of me, and kept me up at night.

I just want to be clear I DO NOT ADVOCATE KILLING ANYBODY. And I actually have an irrational fear of cannibalism, both of me, and also by me on accident. I blame the German folk story about an amoral sausage grinder that I read when I was a kid...

Anyways. After seeing the cereal box, I feel better about it now. I think it's pretty obvious that the Kill And Eat The Rich is total hyperbole, like how Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama talking about how nuking Iran "is on the table" is hyperbole. They aren't going to do it. They're just taking a threatening posture as a bargaining chip.

I also don't feel that we can or should blame Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck for the shooting than we can blame me. Or maybe I am equally to blame. Either way, I feel really weird about the whole thing.

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