October 2, 2010

Hey Average American-- You're fat, You eat too much meat, and it's killing you

I'm going to throw this out there-- I'm NOT a vegetarian. But I grew up eating lots of vegetarian and vegan meals without knowing it. It was just healthy, delicious food, and it was what we were having for dinner. I've maintained those healthy eating habits, and eat like a vegetarian most days out of the month.

The Average American has meat with EVERY meal. (Especially in Ohio, it seems)

That sort of diet drastically increases your chances of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc.

If you're in a family that has meat at every meal, try convincing your family to let you make a delicious, healthy, vegetarian dinner a few days out of the week. If you don't mention that it's vegetarian, you might even be able to trick them into eating a delicious, healthy meal without them even knowing or caring that it was meatless.

Stuck when trying to figure out vegetarian options for meals? Go ethnic!
Most people on this planet eat meals with no meat at all for the majority of their meals. And they get by just fine, with plenty of different options for every meal-- and never EVER buy expensive texturized vegetable protein meat-substitutes. Say sianora to tofu dogs, and say hello to a world of options:

Many Thai food options are either vegetarian or vegan.
There are a host of vegetarian meals from Northern India.
Authentic mexican food has plenty of vegetarian foods to choose from.
Arab foods are heavy on flavor, and more often than not, free of meat.
And much much much much much much more.

Explore the world's vegetarian options, and don't settle for boring food ever again!